July 2019

New figures from WI DOJ show state pot possession arrests dipped 2% in 2018

According to updated figures released April 29, 2019 by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), Wisconsin marijuana possession arrests in 2018 increased 2% from 2017 from 17,048 to 17,392 , while state marijuana sales arrests dipped 2% from 1,867 to 1,822.

My First Medical Marijuana Public Hearing 40 Years Ago Today

Forty years ago today, on July 31, 1979, I attended my first public hearing on cannabis at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison. The meeting of the Assembly's Committee on Health and Social Services was held in the North Hearing room. There were two bills on the docket, a cannabis decriminalization bill, AB107, along with a medical cannabis bill, AB 279.