July 2017

Wisconsin State Journal: Gary Storck: Don't 'wait and see' on marijuana

On July 29, 2017, the Wisconsin State Journal published my letter to the editor, "Don't 'wait and see' on marijuana." The letter was also published on their web site titled, "State shouldn't 'wait and see' on marijuana - Gary Storck."

Letter to the Editor by Gary Storck as published in WI State Journal Sat. July 29, 2017.

Reactions to Sargent cannabis bill shows prohibition runs deep in state

Press Packet from Melissa Sargent Legalize Opportunity Presser 07-13-2017

News coverage of Rep. Melissa Sargent's July 13 press conference announcing her new cannabis legalization proposal, LRB-2457 included a number of over the top reactions from lawmakers, law enforcement and health care and addiction professionals.

While Rep. Sargent has made a great case for passing LRB-2457, proactively addressing the predictable reactions from opponents, a review of news coverage of the announcement of the 102-page bill finds that for many opponents, her words fell on deaf ears.

Wisconsin pot legalization bill previewed at Capitol press conference

MADISON: New Wisconsin State Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) held a press conference Thursday July 13 at 10:00 a.m. in the Assembly Parlor at the Wisconsin State Capitol to announce her 2017-2018 session cannabis legalization bill.

Racine Greens get signatures to put pot decriminalization on ballot

On Day 32 of their 60-day direct legislation campaign to decriminalize pot in the city, Racine Greens have collected the 3870 or so signatures needed to place the issue before voters. Racine Green Party co-chairs Fabi Maldonado and Sondra Plunkett and Eric Marsch director of SE WI NORML broke the news on July 4 on Facebook. They still intend to collect as many more signatures as possible in the remaining 4 weeks of the campaign, but they have reached the minimum number needed to place their cannabis decriminalization proposal on Racine ballots in 2018.

Father of medical marijuana Robert Randall testified at 1979 Wisconsin hearing

38 years ago today as of this writing, on July 31, 1979, the first federal medical marijuana patient, Robert Randall came to Madison to testify at a hearing for a medical cannabis bill, 1979 AB279.

1979 Assembly Bill 279 was an early Wisconsin medical cannabis bill.