October 2021

Medical cannabis & gerrymandering in WPR's 'Mapped Out' podcast series

Madison resident Gary Storck inhales marijuana vapor to treat glaucoma in his apartment on March 20, 2019. Storck says he believes cannabis legalization won't happen in Wisconsin under current Republican control at the state Capitol. Coburn Dukehart/Wisco

Wisconsin Public Radio's 'Mapped Out' podcast series from Bridgit Bowden and Shawn Johnson has been looking at legislative and gerrymandering in Wisconsin:

"WPR’s award-winning reporters Shawn Johnson and Bridget Bowden conducted dozens of interviews, pored over hundreds of court records, and reviewed hours of archived audio from hearings, speeches and protests to bring you the new podcast series. “Mapped Out” takes a look at the past to give you the context and background to understand how redistricting is unfolding today."