Cannabis advisory referendum trounced Scott Fitzgerald in Dane County wards 62-38% in Nov. 2018 election

Posted: April 20, 2019 by Gary Storck
Category: Politics

Cannabadger recently took a look at the in the 13 wards where Senate GOP Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's senate district and a portion of eastern Dane County overlap and found that yes votes on Dane County's marijuana advisory referendum exceeded votes for Fitzgerald by a nearly 62/38% margin in those wards.

The 13 wards offer a glimpse of how the vote would likely have gone had the referendum been held throughout his entire district rather than just the Dane County.

Nov. 2010 Votes by ward Medical Cannabis vs. Scott Fitzgerald

In Nov. 2010, Dane County ballots included a Medical Marijuana Advisory Referendum, the first county cannabis advisory referendum in Wisconsin. The question passed in a landslide, with more than 153,000 votes and a nearly 76-24% margin.

In Nov. 2010 there were six Dane County wards in Fitzgerald's district, and as in 2018, he was outpolled in each, again demonstrating that medical cannabis support transcends partisan politics.

Votes by ward Medical Cannabis vs. Scott Fitzgerald

0001 T ALBION WDS 1-2 527/340
0008 T CHRISTIANA WDS 1-2 311/270
0012 T DEERFIELD WDS 1-2 452/345
0043 V CAMBRIDGE WDS 2-3 379/288
0047 V DEERFIELD WDS 1-4 626/413
0065 V ROCKDALE WD 1 66/51

Total votes/percent of vote 2361/58%--1707/42%