Wisconsin State Journal: PUB LTE: Wisconsin wants medical marijuana -- Gary Storck

Posted: September 24, 2021 by Gary Storck
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Wisconsin wants medical marijuana -- Gary Storck

Sep 24, 2021

I was born with glaucoma, and it stole much of my sight when I was still very young. I'd read news articles about federal studies at UCLA that found marijuana could treat glaucoma.

So on Oct. 3, 1972, I decided to start my own single subject study of cannabis for glaucoma by medicating before a glaucoma checkup.

My eye doctor, who had been treating me since I was about 7, was elated to find my usually elevated pressures were in normal range. I've now been using medical cannabis for 49 years, longer than a large chunk of the population has even been alive.

Over two-thirds of states now have medical marijuana laws. But not Wisconsin. Legalizing medical cannabis is one issue on which most Wisconsinites agree. Unfortunately, the Legislature's majority Republicans, who has stopped legalization, would rather play politics 24/7/365 than actually govern.

Gary Storck, Madison

Wisconsin wants medical marijuana -- Gary Storck