Wood County Board approves April 2019 Cannabis Advisory Referendums

Posted: January 15, 2019 by Gary Storck
Category: Elections

This morning, after much discussion and debate, Wood County supervisors approved a proposal by Sup. Jake Hahn to place two cannabis advisory referendums on county ballots for Spring Election on April 2, 2019. The vote was 10-7 in favor.

The first proposed referendum asks voters, “Should marijuana be legal for adults 21 years of and over, for recreational and medical use, which will be taxed and regulated like alcohol?”

The second proposed referendum reads, “Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes only and available only by prescription from a medical dispensary?”

Previously, on Jan. 4, the board’s Judicial & Legislative committee approved the proposed referendums by a 4-1 vote.

Wood County will be at least the second Wisconsin location to hold cannabis advisory referendums this spring. On January 2, the Sturgeon Bay City Council voted to approve placing a two-part advisory referendum on the spring election ballot. The two-part referendum will ask voters if they support medical use of cannabis and adult use of cannabis. The exact wording of the Sturgeon Bay referenda will be decided at a meeting tonight.