Reps. Shotwell and Ortiz-Velez at press conference

Bipartisan proposal to decriminalize up to 28 grams of cannabis introduced Thursday, Nov. 16, 2021 at WI Capitol

November 16, 2021 - A statewide bipartisan cannabis decriminalization bill was announced today at the State Capitol. Downside is if adopted, which I see as unlikely, it would standardize fines for up to 28 grams statewide, meaning that high-population locales like Dane County, Milwaukee County and other places that have adopted low or nominal penalties would have to charge at the state level with higher penalties....


OPINION: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering is setback to cannabis law reform hopes in Wisconsin

June 27, 2019 - The U.S. Supreme Court's (SCOTUS) 5-4 ruling today in two cases that the court has no role in overseeing gerrymandering in states is a big setback to hopes of passing legislation regulating cannabis in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's current legislative maps were drawn after the 2010 census by law firms hired by majority Republicans to create the strongest majorities possible. Currently, Republicans control...


Wausau Herald supports statewide pot decrim, rejects medical use and legalization

September 14, 2015 - Kudos to the folks at Gannett Central Wisconsin Media for their expansive report in the Stevens Point Journal, “Marijuana decriminalization spreads across WI.” We have followed the series here on Cannabadger and it was the inspiration for a number of posts. The Gannett Central Wisconsin Media Editorial Board has followed up with an editorial in favor of statewide decriminalization in the Wausau...