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Gary Storck: Monona shows courage on cannabis

April 6, 2017 - Here’s my latest letter in the Cap Times. I guess with my reference to the Madison Ord. 23.20 anniversary, I assumed it might get published closer to the anniversary date. But it came out March 25 and I didn’t spot it at the time. Gary Storck: Monona shows courage on cannabis Mar 25, 2017 Dear Editor: Monona Mayor Bob Miller and the three alders he joined in voting to repeal penalties for adult...


Madisonís historic pot ordinance passed by voters 40 years ago April 5

April 4, 2017 - Ever since I became aware of Madison Ordinance 23.20, “Regulations concerning marijuana and cannabis,” the binding referendum passed by Madison voters in April 1977, I’ve wanted to know more about its history and how it came to be. Madison NORML flier from Ord. 23.20 30th birthday party in 2007. ( In 2007, I put together a 23.20 30th birthday party as then-president of Madison NORML....