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Cannabadger 2018 Top Ten Wisconsin Cannabis Stories

December 30, 2018 - 2018 was an amazing year for moving Wisconsin closer to cannabis legalization. Never before has the state seen the level of support for legalization of cannabis for both medical and adult use as 2018. Not only did the Marquette Law School Poll find their highest level of support for legalizing cannabis like alcohol with 61% saying they approve, an unprecedented 16 counties and 2 cities placed...


Cannabadger 2017 Year In Review

December 15, 2017 - CBD, Decriminalization, Direct Legislation, Hemp, History, Legalization, Medical, Politics, Recreational Cannabadger 2017 Year In Review December 15, 2017 Gary Storck Leave a comment Edit 2017 was Cannabadger’s most productive year so far, with 81 articles posted in addition to this post so far, thanks to a number of high profile cannabis bills. 2016 produced 61 posts by comparison. According to...