Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul discusses his support for legalizing medical cannabis

Posted: February 12, 2019 by Gary Storck
Category: Medical

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul discussed his support for legalizing medical cannabis on WTMJ on Monday, February 11 in his response to a question from WTMJ’s Melissa Barclay on WTMJ’s Wisconsin Afternoon News Monday: http://www.wtmj.com/shows/wisconsins-afternoon-news/obamacare-red-flag-l....

WTMJ’s Melissa Barclay: “You’ve been an advocate of legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin. What’s your reasoning behind that and how would it be good for the state?”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul: “I think there are three different reasons we should move forward with legalizing medical marijuana. One is there are people who have significant issues with pain who I think would benefit from being able to use medical marijuana. The second is it would be a good source of revenue for the state, and then third, we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic and the data I believe indicates that states that have legalized medical marijuana have done better with the opioid epidemic and you know, if somebody’s going to the doctor and they have serious pain issues if a doctor can prescribe either medical marijuana or an opioid, I would rather have the doctor prescribing medical marijuana so I’m hopeful we move forward with that step.”