Homegrown Grassroots at the Pierce County Fair August 10-13

Posted: August 3, 2017 by Gary Storck
Category: Legalization

"Homegrown Grassroots at the Pierce County Fair" August 10-13, 2017.

Cannabadger is proud to announce we are co-hosting an upcoming event with our friends at the Wisconsin Homegrown Voters PAC and other state cannabis advocates, "Homegrown Grassroots at the Pierce County Fair."

The Wisconsin Homegrown Voters PAC is bringing the legalization message to Ellsworth, the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin," and will have a booth at the upcoming 2017 Pierce County Fair August 10 through the 13th at the fair pavilion.

Ben Plunkett from the Wisconsin Homegrown Voters PAC asks "Will it play in Ellsworth?" noting cannabis legalization is a message that resonates across our state.

Wisconsin Homegrown Voters PAC volunteers will be collecting petition signatures and signing up voters in support of legal recreational, medical, and agricultural marijuana in the booth located at the fair pavilion. For more information visit the event Facebook page.

Cannabadger previously published a post about the Wisconsin Homegrown Voters PAC, "Wisconsin PAC supports cannabis-friendly candidates."