- The Intersection of Cannabis and Wisconsin since 2016

Posted: November 25, 2021 by Gary Storck

When I created this site back in March 2016, my goal was to create a news site that was the intersection of cannabis and Wisconsin, and although I've had to take it easy due to health issues the last few years, I think my coverage in those first few years through 2018-2019 met that goal. I asked a friend to make me some graphics illustrating this concept in May 2015, and chose the one pictured, to which I recently added a copyright notice to after discovering the image was being used without my consent or any notice on at least two and probably more websites. I have also used the image on the Cannabadger Twitter account since Sept. 2016. It should have been clear to those that pirated it that it someone's property and they had no right to copy it and use it. If you see the image anywhere other than a Cannabadger-related page and suspect it is being used without permission please let me know. - The Intersection of Cannabis and Wisconsin since 2016