Capital Times: Gary Storck: Legalizing cannabis better than subsidizing Foxconn

Posted: August 2, 2017 by Gary Storck

A proposal by Wisconsin Republicans to lure Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn to Southeastern Wisconsin in return for huge taxpayer subsidies and exemptions from environmental regulations is generating a lot of controversy in the state.

I was inspired to write a letter to the editor offering a better alternative that involves no taxpayer subsidies whatsoever and creates new jobs and businesses in every corner of the state. These businesses would include cannabis dispensaries, cannabis lounges, cultivation facilities, testing labs, and infused-product manufacturers. Legalization would also boost real estate, tourism, agriculture and other businesses as states that have already legalized have found.

The Capital Times published my letter, "Legalizing pot much better for taxpayers than subsidizing Foxconn" online on Sat. July 29 and then printed it in their weekly magazine on Wed. Aug. 2 under a shorter title, "Legalizing cannabis better than subsidizing Foxconn," and edited to the slightly shorter version seen below. Cap Times only publishes in print weekly, so I was glad my letter made the cut.

Gary Storck letter, "Legalizing pot much better for taxpayers than subsidizing Foxconn" as published.